We have the best team of intuitive entertainers in the State of Texas!! Are you skeptical? Skeptics are some of our favorite clients and we would love to be the MOST POPULAR aspect of your next event.

We have a team of many personalities and talents. We have backgrounds as diverse as school teachers, handwriting therapists, life coaches, corporate and HR consultants and private investigators, metaphysical researchers & actual gypsies. Our party services are designed to offer inspiring and insightful readings while keeping them brief so we can see as many of your guests as possible. Our readers come in fun costumes and bring elaborate table decor, we can also add on ambience & complete the theme with private tents & prop decor. We can bring in multiple readers with different skills for larger events and can even help with other entertainment aspects. 

Standard Styles of readings include: Astrology, Palm, Tarot, Fortune Telling, Cartomancy, Aura Readings, Baby Readings, Channeling, Handwriting Analysis, Crystal Ball, Crystal Readings, Dream Analysis, Face Readings, House Readings, Tween/ Teen Party Readings, Chakra Readings, Messages from Beyond, Palm Ink Print Reading, Strolling Fortune Tellers, Past Life Readings, Psychic Readings, Polish Wax Readings, Body Language Readings, Private Readings, Pet Readings, Rune Stone and Tea Leaf & Coffee Readings. For more information, click here

Specialty Services Include: Cocktail Readings, Chocolate Readings with Gourmet Chocolates, Hot Chocolate or Egg Nog Readings, Holiday themed readings, Seances, Wine Readings, Lip Print Readings & we even create personality profiling readings about pretty much any theme you present to us. For more information, click here.

We offer readings in group settings & can make it into a game. We often create custom team building workshops just for you and your coworkers based on handwriting analysis or face reading. With our team building you actually take away usable life skills! 


We also offer a live fortune teller in a box. Remember the movie BIG and the spooky Zoltar machine that granted the wish of the boy to be 'big'? We bring a box that looks very similar but put a real person inside! When your guests first see the fortune teller in a box the most common comment is "Spooky - s/he looks soo real!"  and a fortune card is dispensed through a hole by the button. After a few fortunes have been handed out - the fortune teller will wink at a guest, which will startle them a little – but the fortune teller instantly returns to complete stillness, making it an ongoing mystery. 

Need something special or don't event know what you want? Call TODAY, with over 20 years of event experience & literally hundreds of events per year, we can find the perfect fit for you & your special event. We look forward to speaking with you!