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     I am a natural intuitive, empath, clairvoyant, medium as well as Life Coach for career, business and relationships, and offer classes locally.. I see things past, present and future. Most sessions are assisting clients with business, jobs, relationships of all kinds. I read Tarot, Oracles, Lenormand, Astrology and my specialty which is Planetary Lithomancy (reading crystals representing planets in an astrological structure) I also teach Astrology.

     My journey started early, with me knowing things that would happen. I had an NDE and began speaking with deceased loved ones. In 1979 we had a house fire which I had seen years before. We lost everything except lives. I knew the only way to safety. We lost all our possessions but no lives. I immersed into a study of astrology to be able to know when these events would happen This was before computers and charts were done manually. and time consuming. I began reading Tarot shortly after and was giving readings to family and friends. My accuracy caused people to reach out to me to do parties and private reads.

     I was not mentored but took many classes and certifications. I am a Shamanic Astrologer and an Advanced Certified Crystal Healer.