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     Mystic Kathryn has been working professionally as a party and event fortune teller for over 20 years. She thrives on working events and has a WIDE variety of divination skills she uses. She is also the owner and creator of Pucker Up Impressions - The Official Lip Print Reading, a staple for many of the high-end event & wedding planners in DFW, Austin & Houston. Mystic Kathryn is also known for her ability to create a style of divination based on a clients event needs. 

"Once you know how to read energy and people it is easy to find new ways to demonstrate that ability." ~ Mystic Kathryn

     For Private consultations, she is currently available by phone. Her specialty is in Metaphysical knowledge as she is always reading and learning more about The Law of Attraction, Manifesting & how to lead your ideal life. Although she is not available as a life coach, she has amazing insights to help you recognize the good about yourself & in your life you might be overlooking. 

"Most of my private clients call me 1-2 a year, just to check in to see if they are thinking and acting in accordance with metaphysical law & congruence to their current life goals. I LOVE to help people see the EASY way to their goals and to offer up the tips, tools, affirmations and practices that will bring about the changes they seek."