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     Scott has been a student of the mystical sciences since the age of 15.  Scott has an Irish heritage that includes mystics, healers and Irish travelers and to make sure he came with a well-rounded DNA, he also had ancestors that were actual passengers on the Mayflower as documented on  

     Scott does not restrict his gifts and talents.  He is proficient in cards, palms, lip prints, wax readings, face readings, runes and more.  To give himself a balance, he is also proficient in the science of handwriting analysis and body language.  Ages of all kinds relate to Scott and Scott enjoys both private, one on one encounters or working with groups, large and small in a gallery fashion.  Scott also has a background in Neuro Linguistic Programming which gives him a unique insight on relating and communicating  with people in a meaningful way.  With a sincere desire to help and empower people, Scott never fails to uplift and entertain people, leaving them with a sense of well-being and fun.