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Gypsy Rose
    Deborah Colleen Rose aka Gypsy Rose is a multi-generational gifted spiritual intuitive.  Her heritage includes European gypsy, Irish traveler and she has a direct lineage with Pocahontas. 
Don’t try and put her into a box. She has practical skills as a private investigator, handwriting therapist and published author, mixed with her spiritual talents, there isn’t a situation or problem that she can’t assist you with. Deborah first received public recognition for her talents as a gifted intuitive at the age of 13 when she was featured in the local Dallas paper in recognition of her skills she exhibited at a children’s Halloween carnival.  

     Gypsy Rose’s gifts include face reading, intuitive readings, handwriting analysis, card readings and spiritual teachings.  Gypsy Rose is also able to interpret dreams as well.  She believes this is part of her  heritage as well as her grandmother was able to speak with angels and see spirits freely.  
     Gypsy Rose does private readings, spiritual coaching and public entertainment venues. Utilizing her gifts, and supported by a quick wit, her information is entertaining, informative and practical, providing useful insights into daily living issues as well as major life events while uplifting your spirit.  Her intent for everyone is to enlighten, empower and uplift.



Gypsy (means carrier of light)

Rose ( symbol of love and beauty of heart)