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One of Dallas's premier fortune tellers. He has been entertaining large parties, corporate events, trade shows, and private readings in fortune telling and psychic entertainment for the past ten years.
     Eric comes from a long line of fortune tellers. Born in America but has a gypsy heritage that extends to Poland. His family came over during World War Two and his family has been predicting the future for people of all walks of life since then.
     Eric is skilled in many forms of fortune telling readings. Palm reading, reading of line on a hand. Tarot cards, reading of special cards that may predict the future. Stone reading, the casting of stones and reading the meaning. Wax reading, more of a activity for parties, a large bowl of cool water and a candle. The party goers hold the candle ask a question and pours the hot wax into to cool water and the reader finds forms to answer the party goers question. Dream reading, finding answer threw ones dreams. Handwriting analysis, reading personally traits in hand writing. Body language reading, how to read other people by the signs and signals by that their body gives off, great for dating & many other forms to entertain your gathering.
       Gypsy Eric B. is perfect for your next party or large gathering. He continues to study and learns in different methods to make his expertise stronger so that your function is the event of the year. Young or old, 7 to 107, Eric's fortune telling will be entertaining and the life of the party.