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     Chicory has two passions in life: Solving puzzles, and spreading joy. It was the former that spurred him to study tarot, quickly growing into an adept tarot reader, and the latter that fueled his career as a Dallas-area fortune teller, blending the truth and wisdom of traditional divination with a lighthearted presentation anyone can enjoy. By day, he works as a teacher, ever in search of new ways to share knowledge, while by night he sets up shop to showcase a wealth of authentic historical fortune telling techniques.

     Chicory’s primary talent is classic Tarot, the ancient arcane art of using illustrated cards to read fortunes. In these colorful readings, he communes with the cards to shine new light on the essential elements, challenges, motion and potential of your world, taking the form of a vibrant story written by the cards just for you. A versatile fortune teller well-versed in many different styles of card-reading, Chicory can use these cards to read individuals, couples, or groups concisely or in great detail, and even performs special “storybook” style readings suitable for younger children. Additionally, Chicory can perform a wealth of other styles of fortune telling, including readings using regular playing cards known as Cartomancy (for those who prefer a more familiar visual aid), as well as dice readings, domino readings, intuitive dream analysis, and handwriting analysis.

     For an authentic, optimistic reading steeped in tradition but accessible and fun for first-timers, Chicory is an ideal fit for any party or gathering, and also offers private readings for those who’d rather not wait until their next celebration to see what kind of story the cards will tell them.